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Bitcoin is on the verge of splitting in two. New. each block in the chain was limited to 1mb in size,.The Bitcoin protocol itself has always obviously had a transaction rate limit and associated economic consequences.Unlike the present rigid size of 1MB, Bitcoin Unlimited advocates complete freedom and flexibility to. we will have a new bitcoin blockchain with large-sized blocks.Bitcoin Core Developer Lays Out Scalability Roadmap Based. the 1 MB block size can be.

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The more so a policy default that only applies to miners, not other full nodes.

We believe that Bitcoin is what the community decides it to be and that decisions on how to grow the protocol should.

Why we should keep the Bitcoin block size at 1mb forever

Bitcoin has become too successful for its own good and the 1MB block size limit has caused transaction fees to skyrocket over the past few months.

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Note that closing this is endorsing a fee increase, because this PR is in line with what users in the field have been experiencing over the years.Bitcoin community has managed to reach consensus with regard to block size after making few concessions to the original proposal.Of course, actually writing that patch and setting the default marginal orphan rate constant appropriately would be a great backdoor way of increasing the default max blocksize to 1MB.:).

The actual user experience, seen by users in the field, is that fees will go up.I think we need to continue to move away from making policy decisions like this.Changing the default from 750KB to 1000KB when almost everyone is ignoring the defaults is an insignificant change that will have almost no effect. (.

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Part of why I am neutral on the max block size limit, is because this soft limit exists: so NACK any increase here at least until we get to a comparable day-by-day volume.An arbitrary number somewhere in between which works ok is the opposite of forcing miners to set their own limit.Re: default blocksize, what should actually happen is it should be removed and replaced by a calculation that takes orphan risk into account.Choosing a number between the min and the max which devs think is best is the most political, value judgmental and interventionist policy setting possible.

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I fully agree that long discussions about policy defaults are annoying.In a previous blog post, I committed the heresy of heresies by stating that I think a fee event would be good for Bitcoin.We could have had a 2-8MB fork years ago and not had to worry with the transaction backlogs caused by the 1MB block limit we. max block size, bitcoin.

Now imagine that before doing a call, you need to choose a tariff: business, premium, standard, economy.Bitcoin Unlimited. its important and long-term applicability for determining the optimum block size limit in the Bitcoin...Back to the point though, I think it is a good idea to set the default block size soft limit to the same value as the hard limit.

Out of interest, is there a reason for the soft limit to be 75% of the hard limit.

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Having a soft limit default which is different from trivial values (0 or hard limit) makes it look like you make policy decisions.In order to increase the block size a change in the Bitcoin Core. either stay with 1mb blocks for the time.You can see therefore It is going to be a very long time before BitcoinPlus has to worry about any scalability issues.The current Bitcoin block size is restricted to 1MB for each transaction.What is the Block Size Limit. Currently, each block on the Bitcoin blockchain is able to contain 1mb of data, meaning that the block size of bitcoin is 1 megabyte.

Bitcoin Cash supports a block size of up to 8MB and. has stuck with 1MB blocks and does.I can confirm that over 90% of the hashing power has changed the default blocksize - almost every single pool.

Unlike BIP 100, the block size limit grows at. the block size limit from 1MB to 2MB.There is no reason at all for this to be decision for Bitcoin Core development.

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The mining pools and core developers have come to a consensus regarding an increase in block size to 8 MB from the previous 1 MB.

We need to fix infrastructure (wallets, services) to work in the face of confirmation delays due to block size limits, which is tested by the soft limit.

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But also costs more, even when network is below its capacity.

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